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Informal Resolution

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You are encouraged to address any concerns as soon as possible following an incident. In many cases, the concern can be resolved informally, through a discussion with your Residence Dean (RD), the Graduate Life Office (GLO), your supervisor, or your Human Resources Manager (HRM). Sometimes, the resolution of your concern may be as simple as the parties gaining a better understanding of the non-discrimination policies and procedures in place at Stanford University. If you have decided to address your concern informally, below is information about who to contact to initiate the conversation. 

If you are unsure about who to speak to or uncomfortable raising your concern with your immediate supervisor, the Diversity and Access Office (D&A) provides university-wide oversight of Stanford University's non-discrimination policies, D&A can assist with clarifying the issues and identifying the appropriate procedures and processes for resolving discrimination concerns.

(650) 723-0755


Residence Deans (RDs) provide undergraduate students with support to navigate their experience and to assist and support students through difficult and/or challenging times. Students may also wish to speak with their Residence Dean regarding a discrimination concern. Graduate students may also contact the Graduate Life Office (GLO) with discrimination concerns.

The Stanford University Acts of Intolerance Protocol establishes a mechanism for addressing situations involving a real or perceived act of intolerance. Anyone who witnesses or views evidence of an act of intolerance is encouraged to report the incident. A person need not be the direct target to report. 


Faculty members may wish to speak with their Chair, Associate Dean, Dean or others in the school who have a role related to resolving workplace issues. In addition, the Faculty Affairs division of the Provost's Office has additional resources and information available.


Staff are encouraged to first reach out to their supervisor regarding a concern about discrimination. If they are unable to answer any questions, he or she can refer staff to an appropriate resource. 

If you do not feel comfortable raising a question or concern with your immediate supervisor, contact your local HR office (PDF) or University Human Resources/Employee and Labor Relations to address your concern. 

The Stanford University Cardinal at Work website also provides links to resources for addressing a workplace concern.

Community Members

Community members and applicants who experience discrimination and wish to report a concern should contact the Diversity and Access Office.