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About the Conflict Resolution Fellow:

Carson Smith, MPhil

(Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma)

Carson Smith has recently joined Stanford as the Conflict Resolution Fellow. In this position, she supports the Stanford community in conflict resolution and community building efforts. Her background is as a practitioner and teacher of Peacemaking. She’s helped resolve conflicts in multiple settings, including universities and Indigenous communities. Carson recently finished her master's degree at the University of Oxford, where she studied community mediation as a means of navigating conflicts across cultural groups. She also graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Stanford in 2019.


What is Peacemaking?

Peacemaking is an Indigenous form of community building and dispute resolution that specifically focuses on strengthening and healing relationships. While Peacemaking has most commonly been used in tribal communities, it is also frequently used by practitioners to navigate difficult conversations and conflicts in schools, universities, living/residential environments, and other community spaces.

For more information on Peacemaking, please see the following resources:


What support is available?

The following services are examples of support that can be provided by the Conflict Resolution Fellow via Peacemaking:

  • Talking circles focused on establishing community norms and building/strengthening relationships
  • Facilitation of disputes, difficult conversations, or unhealthy community interactions
  • Community healing circles after an incidence of intolerance or harm
  • Assistance in reorganizing a community or office structure and navigating changes in leadership
  • Trainings for your community or office on how to navigate difficult conversations


The above are only some examples of the ways in which Peacemaking spaces can be used. If you think Peacemaking could support your community, please reach out to Carson Smith ( Carson is also happy to hold presentations on Peacemaking for your group.