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Director of Positive Sexuality

Brianna Booth

Director of Positive Sexuality, SHARE Education
Compelled by a deep belief that we as a society can do better on the challenges of sexuality, Brianna aims to transform the cultural conversation to more fundamentally level-up on both the challenges and possibilities of sexuality. She earned her PhD in Human Sexuality Studies and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, focusing her research on the lived experience of sexuality and the skills of navigating it well. Building on these frameworks, Brianna is working with students to create a series of programs for undergraduates--Beyond Sex Ed--which take a whole-person, whole-culture approach, centering on student storytelling, the skills for growth and connection, and a recognition of sexuality as an integral part of what it is to be human.


PhD, Widener University, Human Sexuality Studies
MA, University of Pennsylvania, Applied Positive Psychology
MEd, Widener University, Human Sexuality Education
BA, Whitman College, Psychology