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Sexual Violence Support

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If you've experienced sexual and/or relationship violence, what happened is not your fault. You always deserve to be safe and respected. You may be experiencing a wide range of feelings, which are all valid.

We invite you to use this website to navigate and choose the resources you want to use. Regardless of what you decide, there are many people at Stanford University who are committed to helping students, faculty, and staff.  As a first step, consider speaking to a confidential counselor at the Confidential Support Team (650-725-9955) to help you navigate your options; they are available 24/7, including while the campus is physically closed due to Covid-19. 

Actions to Consider Actions to Consider if Outside the U.S. 

COVIDE-19 Update:  We are still here to help!  Emergency medical and police services described on this website continue to be available.  Other Stanford services described on this website are available during the county's "shelter in place" through the remote options of zoom, phone, or by email.  Please reach out to us whenever and wherever you are.  

Stanford’s sexual harassment and sexual violence policies continue to apply during remote learning.  Any harassment or discrimination that occurs within a program or activity of the university, including all online instruction, is subject to university policies. Stanford will also respond to concerns in which harassment or discrimination happens outside of university matters where that conduct is so severe as to cause significant harm within the university community or to a community member.

We can help you with...

Helping Others

The first 50 words to say are:

I’m sorry that someone hurt you. How can I help? Stanford has resources to support you and help you decide what you want to do next. Would you like to speak to a confidential counselor or a staff person about your resources or reporting options?
I am here to help you.

Learn more about how you can help others

If you have experienced any form of sexual or relationship violence, we are here to support you.

Confidential counseling, emergency response, and medical support are available to assist you 24 hours a day. You can choose the resources you're most comfortable contacting. You are not alone. There are people who can help you.

Confidential Counseling

CST: Confidential Support Team: (650) 736-6933 (8:30am-5pm M-F) or (650) 725-9955 (24-hour)

YWCA Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Line: (800) 572-2782 (24-hour)

CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services: (650) 723-3785

Faculty Staff Help Center: (650) 723-4577

Non-Confidential Resources and Reporting

SHARE Title IX Office: Kingscote Gardens Suite 240, Stanford, CA; (650) 497-4955

SUDPS: Stanford University Department of Public Safety: 911 or (650) 723-9633

SHARE Title IX Education (for Faculty/Staff/Postdocs): Kingscote Gardens Suite 230, Stanford, CA; (650) 725-0646

SHARE Title IX Education (for Students): Kingscote Gardens Suite 220, Stanford, CA; (650) 725-1056

Additional Resources

Student Title IX Process Quick Reference (coming soon)

Transgender Support & Resources

Stanford Sexual Violence Supportive Measures and Resources (PDF)

Give Us Feedback

The Provost has an advisory committee to review the pilot Student Title IX Process. If you have concerns about the process that you would like to share, please provide confidential feedback to the advisory committee, chaired by law professor Pam Karlan.

Student Title IX Process Feedback

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