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Review My Options Before Deciding About Whether to Report

You have several options for reporting to the University or the police.  To assist you with your decision making you can speak to any of the resources listed below.  The Confidential Support team is available 24/7 to help you navigate your options.

Confidential Campus Resources for Students

Confidential resources, by law, will keep your identity and information private. They are able to provide for your immediate mental well-being and to discuss your options with you.

CST:  Confidential Support Team

CST provides specialized support related to sexual and relationship violence, which can range from a one-time appointment to ongoing counseling.  CST team members are available to walk you through your options for responding to sexual violence, and will assist you in getting to a SART exam, and/or making a report to the police or the university. 

CAPS:  Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS provides counseling related to general mental health and wellbeing and has counselors with a range of backgrounds and specializations.

Confidential Campus Resource for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Staff Help Center: (650) 723-4577

Confidential Off-Campus Resource for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The YWCA Support Hotline is available 24-hours a day: (800) 572-2782

Additional Campus Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff

These resources will respect your privacy to the greatest extent possible; however, they are unable to guarantee confidentiality as they are required by law to notify the Title IX Coordinator upon learning of Prohibited Conduct. 

Consultation From the SHARE: Education (formerly SARA) or Title IX Offices

Both the SHARE: Education Office or the Title IX Office can answer questions about available resources, Stanford processes, and reporting options. The Title IX Office has a staff member specifically dedicated to meeting with students seeking information about their options. Seeking consultation does not require making a report or initiating a formal process. Both offices can assist with making a police report. 

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly encourage you to direct all Title IX concerns to the Title IX Office. Individuals who wish to remain anonymous may contact the Ethics and Compliance Office using their anonymous Helpline (Ethics & Compliance Helpline).

Contact the SHARE: Education Office 

Contact the Title IX Office