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Civil Restraining Order

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A civil harassment restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from violence, stalking, serious harassment, or threats of violence.

You can ask for a civil harassment restraining order if:

  1. A person has abused (or threatened to abuse), sexually assaulted, stalked, or seriously harassed you, AND

  2. You are scared or seriously annoyed or harassed.

Although not attorneys and without providing legal advice, the SARA Office staff at Stanford can help students fill out restraining order paperwork and accompany students to court.

SARA (650) 725-1056 or (650) 725-9129

YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley @ Stanford can support all Stanford community members in filing for restraining orders or accompanying survivors to court.  Visit the YWCA @ Stanford web page for more information and contact information:

You can also visit the Santa Clara Superior Court self-help Restraining Order website.